About Me

I am a southern girl who loves Jesus, my husband, my family, and any excuse to get dressed up!
I am a preschool special education teacher by day.  Although my job is not always glamorous, I adore the children I work with and believe they teach me as much as I teach them!
I started blogging as a creative outlet to share my love of fashion and beauty! 
Don't forget to notice the little details everyday, accents make life beautiful! 
For a more personal view of my everyday life follow my everyday Instagram, @kirby_ward (in addition to @southernaccentsblog, of course) showing friends, family, and daily experiences!


  1. Love your blog!! I'm also in Greenville, SC and I found you via SBC!
    xoxo, Cassie


  2. Loving your blog! You have such good taste! Hope you get to wear some of these things in the classroom!