Friday, November 7, 2014

Nailed it

There's nothing better than a good manicure. I had heard about and seen Jamberry nails around but always figured it would be way too complicated or expensive to actually do yourself.  My thoughtful aunt sent me the sweetest sercie - an entire Jamberry kit complete with everything I could ever need to do a Jamberry manicure.  If anyone out there is looking for the perfect sercie or Christmas present for the girly manicure loving female in your life, my aunt nailed it - pun intended! :)

I wanted to walk y'all through a couple of pictures I took while applying my Jamberry manicure, but I also included the official Jamberry application tutorial because it was the best, by far, of all the application tutorials.

Official Jamberry Application Tutorial

I used all the items in the picture below to complete the manicure:

First steps are to obviously clean your nails with alcohol or acetone, I opted for acetone just to make sure I didn't have any leftover polish. It's also important to trim and push back your cuticles.

Next steps included putting the sheet of nail overlays on top of your nail and deciding which size to use for each finger.  I adored this geometric pattern but opted to use only 4 per hand and go with an accent finger using a solid navy. Once I sized out all my fingers the process was very simple and redundant

1. Use wooden stick to peel back the overlay
2. Trim the piece in half (I was able to do this because my nails are fairly short)
3. Warm the adhesive using the heater
4. Apply carefully to nails and seal around the edges using thumb or purple cuticle tool and trim to length of nail
5. Place finger in front of heater to ensure the adhesive is fully activated and stuck to nail

I just repeated these 5 steps over and over again for each nail. Here are a few of the photos I took from the process:

I've already gotten so many compliments on this manicure! Below I listed a few of the new patterns I am craving for fall and the upcoming holiday season! 

Happy shopping y'all!

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