Friday, August 8, 2014

Healthy Habits

Everybody is motivated to work out by different things ... mine just happens to be great workout clothes -go figure, right?!

This top has fun sayings in the seam including 'running is my ohmmm' & 'I go the distance for cheese'. The same top in a different color says 'I go the distance for chocolate' - that's definitely more true to my eating habits, but this pink top was just too perfect to pass up!

crop pants: lululemon (craving these - how cute are the polka dots?!) // top: lululemon (loving this one too) // shoes: nike (loving these colors) // Tervis

9 Rounds is by far the best workout I've ever had.  The best part about it - it's 30 minutes! I can't count how many boring hour long gym classes I've taken where I did nothing but stare at the clock.  This is definitely a high energy workout where time seems to fly! I love that it's different everyday and there are trainers who get to know you and push you to your limit! The location that I go to has a great deal right now where you can work out an unlimited number of times over the course of 2 weeks for only $19.  Ask for Josh and tell him I sent you! For more information on the 9 Rounds location that I workout at (the best one, of course), click here.  

I've been told that working out is 20% of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating is the remaining 80%.  It seems extreme when put in those terms, but there have been many times when I've been consistent with working out and yet still don't feel like I see visible results if I'm not pairing it with healthy eating! I use a combination of a relative weight watchers diet paired with herbalife protein shakes.  I did weight watchers very consistently for about 5 months back in 2012.  I saw dramatic weight loss, but gained a great understanding of what a healthy balanced diet looks like.  I don't necessarily still 'count points' everyday, but I use it as a guideline to help me with portion control and which foods I should minimize in my diet.  The other thing I have found to help curve cravings and start my days right are Herbalife protein shakes.  I typically replace breakfast with one of these shakes and it's amazing how starting your day off right, motivates you to follow through the rest of your day that way! I learned about these shakes through the sweet Amanda at Nutrizone and have been addicted ever since! They don't just make you a shake there, they offer great advice on healthy eating and have a wealth of knowledge on ideas to help maintain a healthy lifestyle! Also, your first shake at Nutrizone is free so you have nothing to lose, except weight of course! Click here to learn more about Nutrizone!

Happy shopping (and healthy habits) y'all!

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  1. Hey! Another 9Round gal! I've been doing a lot of kickboxing and running these days, and cute workout wear does help (and goofy old race tees). Have you tried Fabletics? I've been loving their stuff of late - Lulu is wonderful but can get a bit costly.

    1. I love 9 rounds girl! You look great! I'll definitely have to scope out Fabletics! Sounds fun! :)

  2. Another reason we are alike: We both love to work out! Cute workout clothes girlie!
    xo Erin