Tuesday, September 9, 2014

my everyday eye makeup

What you'll need:

I've done tutorials before on specific looks using my Urban Decay Naked Palette (which I still love and use all the time) but I have to admit this palette is my new favorite! Everything about it is gorgeous and perfect, including the golden mirrored case it's in! The colors in the palette just happen to be the perfect colors to use with my eye color for an everyday eye makeup look.  I wanted to walk y'all through what that looks like for me...

Start with a matte light color to apply on your brow bone.  Using this matte color keep any new eyeshadow growth from showing as much, anything with shimmer is going to bring out that new growth which we don't want!

Next grab a neutral shimmer for just the eyelid under your crease.

Now get another matte color for your crease, that way it won't show lines throughout the day and it also blends much easier.

Now use a darker shade to fill in that outside corner of each eye to elongate the eyes and give contrast.

This step is optional but I usually do it because it really lightens up the look and gives a fun glow.  Use a golden shimmer on the inside corners of your eyes.

Use your liner and create a nice thin line under your bottom lashes.  I will sometimes smudge this line or make it thicker for a more dramatic look.

I then apply my liquid eyeliner to the top lid.  I love this bronze shimmery liquid liner because it gives that perfect line that a liquid liner can give, but isn't overly dramatic so it is perfect for everyday wear.

Finally I apply my mascara...am I the only one who believes it's physically impossible to apply mascara with your mouth closed? :)

And the look is complete!

As much as I love looking through eye makeup tutorials on overly dramatic looks, sometimes I find myself learning more and getting better ideas from everyday makeup tutorials! Hopefully this has been your experience with this one too! 

Happy shopping y'all!

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  1. Such a sweet and simple everyday look! :) Love!
    xo Erin