Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: How to fix broken palettes

As much as I love my makeup, y'all should know I'm not willing to let go of my favorite palettes over some broken pieces.  I wanted to take this 'Tutorial Tuesday' to show you how I've recently learned to remedy my favorite broken palettes.

First off, you should know that I used an easier broken palette to practice on initially and then once I knew this method worked I used it on one of my favorite eye shadow palettes I own.  I think this method served me well and if you happen to have more than one palette you plan on trying this method with, its best to practice first to make certain you feel confident.

My two broken palettes that I couldn't part with, even though they were broken, were my sephora bronzer and my 'eyes are the window' stila eyeshadow palette.  Both of these are used in my daily beauty routine so I figured they were perfect to use for this tutorial.  My bronzer was pretty much all used when it broke up at the end so it was the obvious choice to use as my 'tester'.

What you'll need:

-Small spray bottle (I used a recycled travel sized hair spray bottle)
-Rubbing Alcohol (70% Isopropyl)
-Makeup brush
-Flat topped makeup product (I used my NYX eyeshadow primer)
-Hair Dryer

Starting from the beginning, this is what my bronzer palette looked like:

I used the end of my makeup brush to crush the broken palette into as small of pieces as I could.

Because I couldn't find a miniature spray bottle, I ended up using a recycled travel sized bottle of hairspray to put the rubbing alcohol into (side note: I rinsed the bottle with very hot water multiple times to ensure that no hairspray residue was left).  This ended up being the perfect bottle to apply the rubbing alcohol evenly throughout the palette. I used about 6-8 sprays total.

I knew I needed to make the alcohol/makeup mixture compact at this point and made the mistake of using the flat top of my NYX eye makeup primer without anything between the makeup and the top and that made a mess.  I then remembered I had seen somewhere to use a tissue between the two and it made a world of difference.  The makeup compacted beautifully, and barely any residue was left on the tissue.

Although it is not as pretty as when I first purchased it, I feel like I got another couple weeks (at least) out of this palette that I usually would have just thrown away!

Now for the eyeshadow palette.  This was a little different to do because it was still among perfectly in tact eyeshadow colors that I definitely didn't want to mess up.  For this, I used a smaller makeup brush to break up the pieces (relative to the size of the eyeshadow, of course)

I contemplated using the same spray bottle as I used with the bronzer but decided it wasn't worth spraying the other shadows in my palette so I instead opted for using a straw to suction the rubbing alcohol out and dropping it into the eyeshadow to ensure I was precise with my placement. The cute straw was just a bonus I happened to have on hand! 

I made sure to use the tissue this time around...

to speed up the process I cheated and used my hair dryer (which is the best dryer on the market by the way...that's a whole different post though)

and voila, it's practically new!

Happy repairing your favorite palettes! I listed these products below in case you wanted to experience what prompted me to find a way to save these amazing products!

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