Friday, June 6, 2014

a few of my favorite things...

This product is absolutely magical! My sweet mom is the first one who introduced me to Miracle Skin Transformer and I've been addicted ever since! I wear this every day under my mineral powder makeup and it not only helps hydrate and protect my skin, but also sets my powder makeup making it last all day! This also has a hint of color to it so it provides minimal coverage if you want to put it on to run errands without a full face of makeup!
Buy it here (with free shipping)!

This is the best eye shadow palette I have ever owned (and trust me, I've gone through my fair share)! Not only does this palette come with an amazing color selection, but the quality of the eyeshadow makes all the difference.  When you add the high quality eye shadow with the urban decay eye shadow primer, you are taking off your eye shadow at the end of the day looking exactly how you put it on that morning! Its simply the best! I plan on posting lots of eye makeup tutorials using this palette! 
Buy the palette here and the primer here!

I love all kinds of lipsticks, but if I had to name my favorite I would definitely go with Ulta's Lip Butter collection.  This lipstick goes on so smooth with vibrant color that lasts! With some lipsticks, it feels like your lips are dehydrated after wearing them, with Ulta Lip Butter it feels like you're wearing lip balm with the added benefit of beautiful color! You can't beat the color selection or the price point! 
Buy it here (on sale)!

I can't even tell you how much I can't live without this product! When I first heard about it I thought, "eye makeup remover lotion?" Now, I use this product literally everyday! It takes off my waterproof mascara like it's nothing! This leaves your eyelids clean, moisturized, and best of all not greasy (like every other eye makeup remover I ever tried). 
The cherry on top ... its $0.99!!!
I buy 5 at a time! No, seriously! 
You can too, here!

I hope you'll enjoy all my beauty favorites as much as I do! 

Happy shopping y'all!

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