Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Party Eye Makeup Tutorial

It's that time of year where we get the excuse to wear sequins and glam up our beauty routine! In honor of this I decided to do a golden holiday eye makeup look.  This eye is perfectly golden and subtle enough for a bright matte red lip.

I used the items below to complete this look

First, start with the NYX primer and a clean palette.  Confession though, I did start with my Lorac Pro mascara already on, I'll explain why towards the end so stay tuned.

Now apply the 'Naked' color to your crease for definition.

Next, use 'Virgin' on your brow bone to highlight and blend into the crease color.

Now, use 'Smog' and apply to the entire lid below your crease.  I also drew the shadow out beyond the outer corners of my eyes so that I could really accentuate that later with my liner.

This next step is what makes this look so perfect for the holidays - that golden shimmer! The color is 'half baked' and even though a little goes a long way, don't be afraid to glam it up here.  I applied this color to the inner halves of both eyelids making sure to get all the way into the inside corners. This makes all the difference.

To add even more glow to the look I used the same color, 'half baked', and using a thin angled brush applied it directly beneath my bottom lashes.

Since I applied the golden color to highlight beneath my lashes, I applied my eyeliner to the inside of my crease to really create depth and contrast that golden shimmer.

Using the liquid liner I started from the inside corner of my eye and started with a thin precise line.  I gradually thickened the line and drew it out beyond the corner of my eye with a slight flick at the end to create that glam 'cat eye' liner effect.

Lastly, I applied my Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara which is why I started with my other mascara already applied.  See the complete Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara tutorial here

And below is the completed look!

I love reading through holiday makeup tips and tutorials and wanted to share this great article about holiday makeup mistakes via Allure. It's a great point of reference to help us from getting carried away with the glitz and glam of the holiday season!
 Stay tuned for more fun holiday party ideas this week!

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  1. Amazing tips! I am wondering why I didn’t came to this post of yours. My friend asked me help for her company’s holiday party and I wasn’t simply aware of what she can do and extent of makeup she should have for the party.