Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tour Through Blogland: Southern Accents Blog

I was nominated last week by the gorgeous Brittney, author of Pretty Little Pursuits blog.  This is a fun way of not only getting to know the author of blogs you follow, but also seeing who they follow and recommend.  

1) What am I working on?
I am currently in the process of transitioning Southern Accents to a beauty focused blog with a fashion flare.  I feel that the market for fashion blogs is saturated with beautiful girls who can help inspire everything you could ever dream to wear well.  However, there is a serious lack of bloggers who can offer tutorials, reviews, and overall advice on beauty products.  I plan on creating specific days where my readers can expect what type of material will be on the blog on any given day. 

2) How does my work differ from others in it's genre?
I am a huge fan of fashion blogs due to my obvious obsession with all things fashion, but I also love reading about new beauty products.  I plan on merging these two passions into a blog where my readers can really get to know my personal style from my makeup to the clothes and accessories I wear.

3) Why do I write/create what I do?
As a preschool education teacher, my clothes never really come home looking like I came to work in. Between paint, runny noses, and whatever else my kids choose to accessorize my outfit with at work, I usually end up wearing things I don't mind getting dirty.  As a result of this, I look for any excuse to get dressed up!  What better excuse is there an a fashion and beauty blog? Thus was born Southern Accents Blog.  

4) How does my writing/creating process work?
I get inspired all the time looking at other fashion and beauty blogs. I also get inspiration from other places like, magazines, television, shopping, etc.  No matter where I get inspired, I tend to create a post around one specific item or look.  Once I have a complete look, pictures follow and then comes the hardest part - composing the details and inspiration into a comprehensive fluid thought. 

Now for the fun part! Here are some of my favorite blogs I follow on a regular basis...

The gorgeous Megan, author of For All Things Lovely

The lovely and talented Emily, author of The Sweetest Thing

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