Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday: Back to the Basics

I wanted to start my first "Tutorial Tuesday" with a simple classic look perfect for any outfit and any occasion.  Using these simple and basic techniques are the foundation of most eye makeup looks I create.

First things first, here's what you'll need...

Eyeshadow primer is a must for any look you create.  Not only does it help your shadow last, it also helps it stay where you put it.  This is important when you are creating lines and contours.  I also think it helps the shadow maintain and enhance it's best color!

Once you have your primer in place, start with the bottom of your lid and choose the shade that will be central to the color scheme you are going for.  Since I wanted to keep it simple with this look, a light shimmery neutral was the obvious choice.

My next step is always highlighting my brow bone with a matte ivory shade.  It's important to use a matte shade on your brow bone for a few reasons: 1. It helps hide any new eyebrow growth you may have between waxing/plucking (a color with shimmer will highlight the new growth which we obviously don't want) 2. Matte colors are easiest to blend naturally (I usually go back when I'm totally finished with my look and make sure to blend my brow bone into the completed look)

Last basic step, as far as shadow goes, is using a matte tone that goes with the color palette you are using in your crease.  This step is so important because it gives your eyes the contour and depth that make all eye makeup pop!

Since I'm keeping this look basic and simple, my eyeshadow is complete. It has all the important elements, yet when using neutral colors, it looks natural and simple.

Next step is my eyeliner.  I went with a classic black liquid liner. It doesn't get much better than the Stila liquid liner I linked above. The long felt tip makes for easy and even application every time.  I decided to use a slightly exaggerated line to make this simple look pop.  The first step to this line is staying right on the lash line for the inside half of your eye and gradually move away from the lash line with a slight flick at the end to mimic a curled lash on the outer corner of your eye.

Now, connect a line between the corner of your eye and the end of the line you just created. That will create the outside lines of the bold line that you can now fill in.

This is what my finished liner looks like on both eyes.  The great thing about this liner and specific technique is that you can broaden this line for more drama or thin it out for a more subtle look.  Either way using this technique will get you a professional looking line every time.

Next, I used a simple black liner directly below my bottom lashes and a little on the inside of my lid.  This technique really makes your bottom lashes pop.

Last, but definitely not least, is the mascara.  I had already applied my LoracPro Mascara before I started the look so that it would be fully dry by the time I was ready to apply my younique 3D Fiber Lashes.  I love this mascara because it gives you the "false lash" drama without the hastle of application.  My full tutorial for the 3D fiber lash mascara is here.

The finished look is perfectly simple! 

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