Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Local Favorites

After 3 rainy days inside, cabin fever is starting to set in.  In my stir crazy state of mind I have been dreaming of all the amazing local things I could be doing, if the weather permitted.  It's no secret I love Greenville and I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite things to do in and around the city, especially during fall.

This place is like fall perfection. It has definitely gotten busier over the years but that just goes to show how great of a place it is.  Once you go, it becomes a yearly tradition.  You can pick apples, picnic looking over the mountains, go on a hayride, eat their delicious homemade spiced apple donuts, or sip on their homemade cider (they even make an apple cider slushy) This is a place where you can go as a family or as a fun date day as a couple.  My husband and I go each year and have ever since we shot some of our engagement photos here over 4 years ago! Here are a few of my favorites:

Photography by: Christine LeGrand (the best in Greenville and beyond)

This park has the hometown feel Greenville is known for and the kind of view other cities only dream of having in the heart of their downtown.  The picture says it all.  We have the best city park, hands down, if you don't believe me - just ask was named #10 in the top 25 parks in the nation!

As perfectly homey and rustic as the atmosphere is, once you taste the food aesthetics are simply the icing on the cake or the more appropriate saying at Southern Culture would be the meringue on the banana pudding.  The lead chef here isn't nicknamed Dr. Puddin for nothing.  This place is a favorite surpassing any boundaries seasons could limit. Winter, spring, summer, and fall you are likely to find me here indulging, in my opinion, the best food Greenville has to offer!

Caesars Head lookout is one of my favorite lookouts I've ever come across and just so happens to be the site where my sweet husband proposed to me.  It is a perfect place for any occasion but will forever be one of my favorite places near Greenville to go, especially come fall when the leaves are like art.

Pretty place is another of my favorite places near Greenville.  It is the perfect place to come in the fall and simply take in all the beauty the smokey mountains have to offer.  There is a platform in front of the cross that makes for the perfect setting for a picnic lunch with dreamy views.

If you decide to take my advice and visit Caesars Head and Pretty Place, it is a short drive the the quaint yet elegant Victoria Valley Vineyard.  The small cafe offers great food and you can purchase a bottle of wine to pair with your entree.  The terrace overlooking the vineyard is the perfect setting to indulge in your food and wine, all while taking in the views of the smokey mountains.

Now you see why I love my city so much!? No wonder the city's marketing slogan is "yeah, that Greenville"!

Happy touring Greenville, y'all!

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  1. All of these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I can't believe I haven't been to any of these places ... that is terrible of me! I need to get out more!! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Brittney Marie
    Pretty Little Pursuits