Wednesday, July 16, 2014

smoldering smokey eye tutorial

What you'll need:
3. Ulta Liquid Eyeliner ( on major sale!)
First, start with a clean palette and apply the urban decay eyeshadow primer

Next, use "sidecar" and cover lid and just above crease to create a shimmery darker colored lid as the base

Use "hustle" and fill in the area under the crease in your eyelid

Use "hustle" again under bottom lashes at the lash line to create the 'smoldering look' 

Next, use "creep" and apply like less than & greater than symbols ( <  > ) in the outer portion of the eyelids reaching slightly outside of the browline.

Use "hustle" to lighten the inner corners of both eyes, creating contour and dramatic contrast

Use your smashbox limitless eyeliner under eyelashes creating a bold line under eyes still leaving the smoldering "hustle" eyeshadow visible below

Now, it's time to apply your lashes.  Remember to focus on applying the corners and the middle will fall into place easily after

Notice the dramatic difference the lashes make from the right eye to the left!

Lastly, apply ulta liquid eyeliner to even the existing line created by the false lashes and mascara to complete the look

Here is the final look! Dramatic yet surprisingly understated for the amount of color applied! 

 Don't forget to check out the tailored jumpsuit post this smoldering smokey eye was created for!

Happy shopping (and beautifying) y'all!

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