Tuesday, July 1, 2014

golden smokey eye tutorial

I'm so excited for my first beauty tutorial post! I used the following items:

5. Eyeshadow Brushes (mine are old but this set has it all)

First, make sure that all other eye makeup is removed.  My favorite remover is Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion - also seen on my favorite things post!

Apply urban decay eyeshadow primer to lids

Next, apply 'sin' to the eyelids (cover eyelids and just above crease)

Then, apply 'sidecar' to eyelids below crease

Next, apply 'dark horse' to outside corners of eyelid - I think of it like less than and greater than signs on the outside of my lids < >

I also darkened a little using 'creep' to dramatize the look
Next, apply 'half baked' to the inside corners of eyelids and under lashes on bottom lid to brighten the look and give a golden hue.

Next, apply smashbox limitless liner to bottom lid under eyelashes

Now it's time to apply lashes! I love this particular set of lashes because they are natural looking while still adding the glamour fake lashes are made for. The glue is easy to use and see where it is on the lash because of the iridescent color. I apply them starting on the outside of the eyelid and work my way in.

Once applied, it almost looks as if you've already put on liner.  I use the ulta liquid liner to even out the line that already exists and extend the liner to the corners of my eyes.

And voila! Golden smokey eyes are complete! 

The finished look with lipstick is pictured below in my "pops of red" post! Hope this has been as fun and interesting for y'all as it has been for me! Can't wait to do the next makeup tutorial very soon!


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